Welcome to the simqso documentation! simqso is a set of tools for generating mock quasar spectra and photometry. Simulated quasar spectra are built from a series of components. Common quasar models are built-in, such as a broken power-law continuum model and Gaussian emission line templates; however, the code allows user-defined features to be included. Mock spectra are generated at arbitrary resolution and can be used to produce broadband photometry representative of a number of surveys.

simqso consists of the following modules:

Quasar Recipes

A quasar spectra model can be constructed step-by-step either in an object-oriented fashion (using objects from simqso.sqgrids) or through a set of parameters defined by a dictionary. A simple reconstruction of the BOSS DR9 quasar population using parameters can be found in bossqsos (see also the notebook), while a worked example of building a simulation from objects is given in GridExamples.

Emission lines can be added as a series of arbitary Gaussian profiles or using the built-in templates based on composite spectra of BOSS quasars. See EmissionLineTemplates for a description of the built-in templates.

SimpleSpecExample puts this all together and shows how to build a complete quasar spectrum, as well as how the individual components contribute to the final spectrum.

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